A. Preparatory actions

  • A.1. Extraction and transportation planning.
  • A.2. Agreements with farmers.
  • A.3. Optimization of the process to obtain bioproducts in the pilot plant.

B. Purchase / lease of land and / or compensation payments for use rights

  • B.1. Compensation to farmers for the application of biochar on their farmland.

C. Implementation actions

  • C.1. Collection, transport and crushing of residual biomass produced from forestry activities.
  • C.2. Start up and operation of the demonstration plant to obtain bioproducts.
  • C.3. Use of biochar in the field.
  • C.4. Application of wood vinegar as an herbicide.
  • C.5. Use of bio-asphalt.
  • C.6. Market research and biomass processing biorefineries implementation.

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  • D.1. Project evaluation.
  • D.2. Evaluation of the impact of the project.
  • D.3. Evaluation of LIFE program indicators.

E. Communication and dissemination of results

  • E.1. Communication plan.
  • E.2. Communication dissemination of results.
  • E.3. Project replicability and transferability.

F. Project management

  • F.1. Project management.
  • F.2. Financial audit.
  • F.3. After-Life Plan.

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