LIGNOBIOLIFE: Development of high value-added bioproducts from forest waste through microwave technology

LIGNOBIOLIFE is framed within the LIFE Climate Change Mitigation priority area, mainly linked to Land-Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF). The proposal is a demonstration project with the best available techniques, which tests, evaluates and disseminates methodologies not used until now on an industrial scale in the field of forest wastes and bioproducts. It is carried out at a transnational level and in different close-to-market contexts, within a circular economy development, with applied business model and high replication of results.

The project links the fight of climate change and forest use. It encourages the development of forest cleaning activities for fire prevention. Thus, wastes that are discarded and burned now will be turned into valuable resources. This will result in the reduction of forest fires and, therefore, in the reduction of greenhouse gases emission. This will be an indirect and long-term effect which is also a priority within the LIFE programme through the prevention of forest fires in drought-prone areas.

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