Expected Results

The result of LIGNOBIOLIFE is to implement a demonstration project for the generation of bioproducts through thermo-chemical processes by microwave irradiation. It will be able to generate industrial development projects in forestry and rural areas of the European Union.

  1. Transformation of 52 tons of forest wastes into bioproducts. The management of 30 ha of forests will reduce the incidence of fires. Furthermore, CO2 emissions will be reduced 0.14%.
  2. Start-up, optimization, and operation of a continuous demonstration plant to obtain bioproducts, biochar (25%), biofuel (2%), bio-asphalt (10%), gas (23%) and wood vinegar (40%) from biomass.
  3. Expose the improvement that biochar obtained by microwave processes generate in the agricultural soil conditions (carbon fixation in soil, water and nutrients retention). 13 tonnes of biochar will be produced. The behavior of 1 ha treated with biochar will be compared with 1 ha without it. Tests will be carried out for two years to test its potential benefits.
  4. Obtain 5,2 t of high-value bio-asphalt that could be a substitute for the one produced from fossil fuels.
  5. The addition of carcinogenic substances such as glyphosate will be avoided using 20,8 t of wood vinegar. Experiments will be carried out during 2 years in 1 ha of agricultural plots and 3,000 m2 of roads and garden areas.
  6. Promote the implantation of three biorefineries in the after-LIFE period. A specific research of the installation of this kind of plants in rural areas will be carried out.
  7. Demonstration of the environmental benefits of the bioproducts produced by this technology, Analysis and comparison of the bioproducts carbon footprint with regard to conventional products.
  8. Contribution to the achievement of EU challenges in the renewable energy sector. Contact to 100 technical companies, 125 forest companies, 25 forest associations and more than 250 key players related to the rural, forestry, fuel and agricultural areas to promote the replicability and transfer of the project and technology.
  9. Technology dissemination. Diffusion of 3000 copies of the Manual of Biomass Management, which are planned to be edited, in the programmed events.

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