Preparing the tests for Glyphosate Substitute in Guadalajara

One of the objectives of the LignoBioLife project is testing a natural herbicide from wood vinegar, which can replace the controversial Glyphosate. To do this, and to learn about the project first-hand, Juan Antonio González from the "Cooperativa Agraria Santa María Magdalena", and José Luis Sánchez, from the Mondejar Designation of Origin, visited the facilities of the University where they were received by Juan Luis Aguirre, Director of the project.

After learning about the project and seeing the bioproducts, accompanied by the manager of the ADASUR Local Action Group, Fausto González, the next tests with the herbicide and biochar were apointed.

Both the Agricultural Cooperative and the Denomination of Origin Mondejar were very receptive, showing great interest in the project and agreeing to collaborate over the next few years.

representatives of D.O Mondejar and the Agricultural Cooperative, the manager of ADASUR, with the Director and technicians from the LIGNOBIOLIFE project.

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