The Department of Environment of FGUA publishes the main effects of wood vinegar as a herbicide in two leading scientific journals

The Department of Environment of FGUA, within the LignoBioLife project, has achieved in 2020 the publication in Energies and in Food and Energy security, the results obtained with wood vinegar as a herbicide.

The journal Energies published in May 2020 the results obtained in the greenhouse and in the culture chamber, as well as the main data on the composition of the wood vinegar. The article entitled "Composition, Aging and Herbicidal Properties of Wood Vinegar Obtained Through Fast Biomass Pyrolysis" highlights the results obtained in the culture chamber and the composition data of the wood vinegar.

In October 2020, the journal Food and Energy Security published the results under natural conditions, and how plant communities evolve after the application of wood vinegar. The article entitled "Herbicidal effects of wood vinegar on nitrophilous plant communities" reflects with tables and photographs the effectiveness of the product on nitrophilous communities of plants.

The two high-impact journals, both in the Q1 quartile of their area, will allow the dissemination of the project and the effectiveness of the product.
Both articles are open access and can be freely downloaded in the following links:

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