Annual meeting of the partners of the LignoBioLife project to update the results achieved and establish a roadmap for this year

On the 17th of February of 2021, a meeting concerning the LignoBioLife project took place, with the participation of all partners, in which the progress and results obtained until now and the actions planned for this year were presented.

The meeting was coordinated by Juan Luis Águirre, director of both the Department of Environment of FGUA and the project, giving way to the participation of the different partners.

The National Institute for Agricultural Research and Technology (INIA) presented the results of the application of biochar in cereal crops.

The company Eurovia showed the results of experimentation with bio-bitumen, a very promising product for use in the road construction industry.

The company Neoliquid presented the results of the generation of the different bioproducts in its production plants and highlighted that the planned objectives had been achieved.

The Local Action Groups of Portugal, Douro and Dueceira, explained the tests of biochar that will be carried out in agricultural fields of their respective territories. Moreover, the Local Action Group Adasur, from the province of Guadalajara, discussed the tests of the products in their territory and highlighted the great reception that the project has had among farmers in the area.

In addition, Ecocuadrado presented the outline of the business plan, which they will develop shortly, and which includes the establishment of three industrial production plants in the territories.

FGUA, the coordinating entity of the project, presented the project roadmap for the coming months and reported on the immediate application of bioproducts in the field. Besides, the great reception and dissemination of the project in the media were highlighted, which is allowing a good number of interested companies to get in touch to participate.

The meeting was also attended by Laura Giappichelli as representative of the European Commission for the LIFE program, and Maria José de la Torre as monitoring expert for this project.

It should be noted that, although the limitations suffered by the pandemic have delayed some actions of the project, the deadlines set in the calendar continue to be maintained and it is expected that this year all actions will be carried out to achieve the planned goals.

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