Everything is ready to use the bioproducts in the field

After a hard winter, spring is coming, trees are starting to blossom and crops beginning to grow, so everything has to be prepared for this new season.

The farmers participating in the LignoBioLife project have already received the biochar and wood vinegar to be used in their crops. On the 23rd of February, the director of the LignoBioLife project and technicians from the Department of Environment of FGUA moved to different villages of Guadalajara to meet landowners participating in the project and, all together, decide the fields, kind of crops and schedule for spreading and using the bioproducts in the field.

Besides, signs to indicate the participation of the landowners in the LignoBioLife project were set in the fields where the products are going to be used.

Farmers were pleased to have the biochar and wood vinegar in their facilities and they showed great interest and expectations in these bioproducts, which during the next weeks will start to be used in the fields.

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