Videos of the conferences on the LIGNOBIOLIFE Project

The 24th of November of 2021, the conferences on the LIGNOBIOLIFE Project were held at the University of Alcalá, where representatives of the different partners of the project participated as speakers.

These conferences were broadcast via the internet and they dealt with all the aspects related to this project. The theoretical basis of bioproducts were explained, all the experimental part was detailed and the results obtained were presented. Furthermore, the conferences analyzed the possibilities for the use of these bioproducts, the technical and economic viability at the market level were discussed, and the regulatory aspects to consider in its production and use.

The following links show the videos of each of the presentations:

  1. Presentation and welcome. Lignobiolife Conference. Use of biomass pyrolysis bioproducts, perspectives and possibilities.
  2. Process of biomass pyrolysis to obtain advanced bioproducts.
  3. Effects of Biochar as a soil improver and Wood vinegar as a herbicide.
  4. Possibilities of using biofilm for asphalt application.
  5. Results of the use of bioproducts in dry land plots.
  6. Regulations, legislation and possibilities of application of bioproducts.
  7. Design of biorefineries to obtain Bioproducts.

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