Tests of wood vinegar as a biostimulant and to prevent fungal diseases in three hectares of the Merlot grape variety

As part of the project tests, an agreement has been reached with the Cooperative Society "La Parra" (Olite, Navarra) where wood vinegar is being tested together with a microorganism inoculant (biodiverse compost tea) in a vineyard of the Merlot variety.

Half of the vineyard will have a conventional chemical treatment for the prevention and/or treatment of diseases, mainly fungal, such as powdery mildew and mildew. The other half of the vineyard will be treated with foliar applications of compost tea together with wood vinegar in order to increase microbial activity in the phyllosphere of the vines and prevent the same fungal diseases.

The frequency of applications will be fortnightly or monthly depending on weather conditions and will be given from the birth of the buds to veraison.

testing wood vinegar in vineyards, as a bioestimulant and to prevent fungal diseases

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