Tests of the bioproducts on 2022 get started

During these weeks, the application of the bioproducts in the field corresponding to the 2022 season is being carried out. The application of Biochar will be tested in carrots, in lavender, in new plantations of vines, and in addition, the tests of the mixtures of wood vinegar with Biochar in corn and horticultural crops.

In addition, within the tests of wood vinegar as a herbicide, experiments will be carried out with different concentrations of the product to verify its effectiveness in gardening.

With these 2022 tests, it is intended to refine the capabilities of each bioproduct and test with concentrations and volumes that have been the most effective in previous experiments. The results will be published in open access journals for dissemination among all those interested in the field of bioproducts.

testin biochar in lavander crops

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