Testing a mixture of Biochar and Wood Vinegar for agricultural using

Going further, new tests have been carried out, using a mixture of Wood Vinegar and Biochar. In order to make this mixture, two different kinds of Wood Vinegar have been used, one of them coming from orujillo (waste obtained in the production of olive oil) and another one coming from bamboo, provided for the company CARBONAUTEN GmbH.

This Wood Vinegar was mixed with Biochar coming from orujillo and applied using different concentrations (0,1 and 1,5 kg/m2). This product was used in parcels at the ecological vegetable garden of the Botanic Garden of the University of Alcala, where lettuce, tomato, and radish were grown.

Moreover, other parcels in the same vegetable garden were treated with pure Biochar (not mixed with Wood Vinegar) at a concentration of 1,5 kg/m2, to compare the difference between both products.

The results obtained in these tests will provide data on the effectiveness of this product (mixture of Wood Vinegar and Biochar) in agriculture and will let us compare the results obtained in previous experiments.

adding product to the soil

vegetables after 15 days of planting

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